The AutoClip & Reflex wound closure systems provide a fast and effective alternative to sutures for closing wounds. They are the perfect solution for quickly closing incisions made for ALZET® pump implantations, enabling researchers to streamline surgeries and save valuable time. The 9 mm AutoClips are ideal for use in rats, while the 7 mm Reflex clips are optimum for mice and young rats. The automatic, spring-loaded applier is easy to use, and the clips provide maximum holding force with minimal animal trauma. When the incision is healed, the wound clips are easily removed using the remover. The components are available separate, or as a kit containing the Applier, Remover, and stainless steel wound clips (7 mm or 9 mm). All components are supplied non-sterile, but may be autoclaved.

►Caution: For use in laboratory research animals (not for use in humans)


Easy to use

Fast and efficient wound closure

Provides maximum holding force with minimal tissue and animal trauma

Ergonomic design

Automatic, unassisted application

Reduces incidence of infection