Stoelting Quintessential Stereotaxic Injector (QSI™)

Infusion and/or withdrawal of volumes as small as 1 picoliter using one or two injector heads.

A New Standard of Versatility and Control

Control one or two independent injections with Stoelting’s latest QSI™ Stereotaxic Injector. Automatic infusion or withdrawal of nL-µL volumes. Program injection parameters (volume, rate and syringe specifications) using the easy-to-use touch screen control box. Accommodates Hamilton syringes sized 0.5uL-250uL. Available as a single or dual injector. If purchased as a single injector, add a second injector at any time.

QSI™ Features

Easy-to-use Touch Screen Control Box

Control Single or Dual Injections

Preprogrammed Syringe Specifications

Out-of-range Warnings

Manual Stereotaxic Injector

An economical means for precise injection and withdrawl

For precisely-controlled infusion/withdrawal of picoliter volumes

Stoelting’s new Stereotaxic Injector provides an economical means of injecting/withdrawing a calibrated volume with simple, precise manual control.

Mounted directly on a stereotaxic frame, it allows precise injection directly through the needle into the tissue. This avoids the compliance issues that arise when injections are forced through plastic tubing. Volumes as small as 200 picoliters may be infused.

The precise withdrawal mechanism makes it simple to pick up even one small sample! This results in minimal waste, preventing degradation of precious samples.

The injector has a universal adaptor for all Stoelting and Hamilton 700, 7000, or Gas-Tight Series syringes, ranging from 1 to 100µl sizes and enables a wide range of volumes to be delivered — both infusion and withdrawal operation.

The manual Stereotaxic Injector is graduated in 0.01mm increments. One complete revolution advances the plunger of the syringe 0.5mm.

Drill and Injection Robot for Motorized Stereotaxic Instruments

Software Driven Drilling and Injection

Accessorize your Motorized Stereotaxic Instrument with a Drill and Injection Robot! In addition to motorized, computer controlled stereotaxic positioning, the Drill and Injection Robot provides a completely automated solution for stereotaxic surgery.

In addition to being software controlled, other features Include:

High Throughput Drill & Inject

No Tool Exchange

Define/Store Protocols

Precise Depth Control

Brain Windowing

Contour Drilling

Smooth Edges

Skull Thinning