Startle Response

Responder X

Responder-X is designed to accurately quantify the vertical component of motion associated with the startle reflex. The assessment of the startle reflex is a key indicator in evaluating sensory and CNS performance. The Responder-X is the most flexible complete solution to startle reflex testing.

Features / Specifications

Reliable position independent sensing of restrained or unrestrained animals

Wide dynamic range sensing of startle motion

Multiple subject testing

Built-in acoustic stimulus with White Noise background and pre-pulse capability

Adaptable to custom stimulus presentation

Random selection of stimulus frequency and presentation timing

Measures force of response in defined scientific units (grams)

Full support of acoustic, habituation, and pre-pulse inhibition

1 millisecond temporal resolution of latency measurements

Built-in acoustical stimulus source with 100dB SPL capability

Supports up to eight animals

Electrical and air-puff stimuli available as an option