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Startle Response

Responder X

Responder-X is designed to accurately quantify the vertical component of motion associated with the startle reflex. The assessment of the startle reflex is a key indicator in evaluating sensory and CNS performance. The Responder-X is the most flexible complete solution to startle reflex testing.

Features / Specifications

► Reliable position independent sensing of restrained or unrestrained animals

► Wide dynamic range sensing of startle motion

► Multiple subject testing

► Built-in acoustic stimulus with White Noise background and pre-pulse capability

► Adaptable to custom stimulus presentation

► Random selection of stimulus frequency and presentation timing

► Measures force of response in defined scientific units (grams)

► Full support of acoustic, habituation, and pre-pulse inhibition

► 1 millisecond temporal resolution of latency measurements

► Built-in acoustical stimulus source with 100dB SPL capability

► Supports up to eight animals

► Electrical and air-puff stimuli available as an option

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