Just for Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

The Compact and Cost-effective Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument

Our smallest and lowest priced Stereotaxic Instrument!

25cm X 25cm Footprint

Warmer ready base compatible with Stoelting Rodent Warmer System

Gas Anesthesia compatible

Ear and tooth bar post height adjustment to accommodate animals between 10-75g

Delrin® ear bars, with 3 types of head holders

Triple lead screw in manipulator arm for fast positioning

Accurate to 100 microns (Non-Digital),

Digital Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

Digital version of our popular Mouse specific Stereotaxic Instrument


Touchscreen Display

All Stoelting digital stereotaxic instruments now come equipped with a TOUCHSCREEN display.

The new display features include:
Easy to use touchscreen control
Zeroing function at each axis—No need to waste time doing calculations!

Accuracy up to 10 microns

Accuracy up to 1 micron when used with UltraPrecise manipulator arms

Integrated Warming Base

Keep animals warm during surgery without bulky heating pads!

All Stoelting Stereotaxic Instruments come standard with a warming pad built into the base. To utilize this feature simply purchase one of our warmer control boxes and cable (X1 or X2).

Ultra Precise Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

Ideal for high-accuracy positioning

Ultra-Precise Stereotaxics

Precision Like Never Before!

Ultra-Precise Manipulators are ideal for use in mice and rats where high-accuracy positioning is required. Up to 80mm of travel is available in all directions with up to 90° angle adjustment in either the anterior-posterior or medial-lateral planes. Ultra-Precise Manipulators are compatible with all Stoelting Stereotaxic Series including New Standard, Lab Standard, Just for Mice and Just for Mouse Dual, Digital and Motorized Ultra-Precise Manipulators are also available.

Ultra-Precise Features:

10 Micron Resolution

Target Small Brain Regions with Confidence

Upgrade to ANY Stoelting Stereotaxic and most other brands

Motorized Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

Motorized versions of our ever popular Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

Our Mouse-specific Stereotaxic Instruments were specifically designed for use with knock-out and transgenic mice. Motorized Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments includes customized motors and the state-of-the-art StereoDrive software to allow motorized, computer controlled stereotaxic positioning in all 3 orthogonal axes. The intuitive movement control and integrated stereotaxic atlas enables unprecedented accuracy and higher throughput in all stereotaxic applications.

The 51707 Robot Drill and Microinjector System, Mouse only includes the following:

1 ea. 51730M Motorized Just for Mouse Stereotaxic Instrument with StereoDrive software and controller

1 ea. 58643 Robot Drill & Injection Bundle for Motorized Stereotaxic Systems

1 ea. 51749 Robot Drill AutoStop Function, ADD ON

Lab Standard with Mouse & Neonatal Rat Adaptor

Ideal for high-accuracy positioning

Use the Classic Lab Standard Stereotaxic with Mice Model organisms with soft skulls, such as the mouse and the neonatal rat, are difficult to secure firmly in a traditional stereotaxic instrument. The stainless steel ear bars used for adult rats are too heavy to provide a secure hold without compressing the sides of the skull inward (which closes the airways and impedes blood flow). Further, the neonatal rat pup has no external opening of the auditory canal into which to insert the ear bars.

Unique, light ear bars

Stoelting’s Mouse/Neonatal Rat Adaptor employs light, Delrin® Ear Bars with tapered points on one end, and rubber tips on the other, to facilitate surgery on mice and rat pups.

A unique feature permits ear bars to be independently adjusted in height to level the skull. Laser-engraved scales show the vertical positions of the ear bars. A Tooth Bar and Nose Clamp secures the nose. For gas anesthesia, see 51609M Gas Anesthesia Mask for Stereotaxic, Mouse

The Jaw Holder Cuffs fit over the ends of the ear bars, replacing rubber tips, providing an alternative non-invasive means of securing the animal’s head in the stereotaxic stage. These options for “triple point” securing of the animal’s head in this adaptor make it the most versatile mouse adaptor available.

Product No. 51648 Standard Ear Bars and Rubber Tips for Mouse Stereotaxic and set of two jaw holder cuffs are included.

Just for Mice Stereotaxic Instrument

Hold and prepare two mice at the same time

Two Stereotaxics on a single base and Ideal for Neonatal rats and mice.

Dual platforms

Accurate to 100 microns (Non-Digital), 10 microns (Digital Only) or 1 micron (Motorized Only).

Vertical height adjustment for ear and tooth bar posts from 10g to 75g

Delrin® ear bars, with 3 types of head holders

Triple lead screw in manipulator arm for fast positioning

Gas Anesthesia platform and mouse mask available.

Easily cleaned durable surface

Large digital LED display (Digital Only)

Software and motor controlled (Motorized Only)

Integrated Stereotaxic Atlas (Motorized Only)

Dual Just for Mouse Stereotaxic Instrument

Decrease surgery times and reduce time consuming errors

The Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument was specifically designed for use with knock-out and transgenic mice. It is our smallest and most economic steretaxic instrument. The Dual Arm Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument can decrease surgery times and help reduce potential time-consuming errors. A second manipulator arm is convenient, if not mandatory, in applications such as dual injections, bilateral cannulations, simultaneous stimulation and recording, etc.

Mouse Stereotaxic Bases

Hold and prepare two mice at the same time

Hold the mouse securely with just the base and vertical posts of our popular Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments (includes tooth and ear bars) Stoelting Stereotaxic bases are ideal if your applications requires that the mouse's head is held firmly but a manipulator arm is necessary. Bases can be used with micromanipulator arms if purchased later.