Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Instrument, 4 Manipulator

Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Instrument for Cat/Monkey

For use with rats, cats and monkeys.

Reliable Locks

Laser Engrave Scales

Exceptionally Accurate


Affordably Priced

Holds up to six manipulator arms

Works with large range of animals

AP Microdrive available for fine control of third axis

Parallel Rail Bases

Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Base, No Manipulator Arm

Choose the base plate that best meets your needs and then add manipulator arms separately.

Large Parallel Rail Stereotaxic, 4 Manipulator

Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Instrument for use with Large animals Stoelting’s

Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Instrument is designed for large animals, but can be used on almost any laboratory animal when used with Stoelting’s selection of animal species adaptors. Includes Parallel Rail frame, dog/monkey adaptor, four 100 micron 2-axes manipulator arms (2 right-hand, 2 left-hand), traditional (18˚) ear bars, swivel stand, base plate and four corner clamp probe holders.

Parallel Rail Accessories

Parallel Rail Accessories

Because of the Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Instrument's extraordinary flexibility you'll find that additional accessories can help you utilize the instrument's full potential