Complete Active Surgical Gas Anesthesia System

Stoelting's Complete Anesthesia System was designed specifically for stereotaxic surgery! The complete system includes a tabletop and/or mobile cart with Isoflurane Vaporizer, Active Gas Scavenger and continuous flow Induction Chamber. Stereotaxic instrument sold separately.

Stoelting's all inclusive, simple and effective Inhalant Anesthesia System for Stereotaxic Surgery with Active Gas Waste Removal

The Complete system includes:

Tabletop and/or Mobile Anesthesia System Complete with Isoflurane Vaporizer

Active Gas Scavenger

Continuous Induction Chamber

This all-inclusive research anesthesia system features:

No flowmeters to adjust. Flip a toggle switch to “on” to start flow of fresh gas, indicator confirms flow

3 stations for anesthesia with preset flow rate for any station (500cc-5 LPM)

Color coded tubing and connector to help user identify which fresh gas supply tubing goes to which station

Pressure gauge to let user know when pressure has been released from system for filling of vaporizer.

Generates a 50 LPM negative flow that can be attenuated to appropriate levels and divided between 3 stations.

Has a direct vacuum port for use with Vapor-Vac Hooded Induction Chamber

Adjustable negative flow meters easily activated with toggle switches.

Waste anesthetic gases can be discharged into activated charcoal canister or any non re-circulating hood, vent, downdraft/ back draft system or snorkel.

Available without negative flow generating pump- can then be used to attenuate active, in-house vacuum source.

Designed for use with the Posi-vac Non-Rebreathing system, Vapor-Vac hooded induction chamber, Stereotaxic nose cone or SCOOP, 3EX Vaporizer. (not included)

Benefits: Higher Throughput

Intuitive system- easy to operate, precise, safe flow rate for fresh gas

Healthy for subjects- less morbidity, less mortality


The Portable Anesthesia Machine is engineered to be lightweight, portable, versatile and easy to operate. Investigators can easily carry this balanced device from room to room or even out into the field for special procedures.

Portable Anesthesia Machine

This research anesthesia system features:


Less than one square foot


Handle is designed to balance the weight of the device when carried


Can be used on a table top, in a fume hood or other space challenged work areas

The complete system includes:

Tabletop and/or Mobile Anesthesia System Complete with Isoflurane Vaporizer

Slide WAG Activated Charcoal Canisters

-Top Induction Chamber

Accessories available for use with a wide variety of small animals