Gas Analyzer

A modular system that allows for measurement of gas concentrations from multiple points (1 to 80).

180C Gas Analyzer is a modular system that allows for multiple gas and/or multiple sample configurations. Model 180C Gas Analyzer can be configured to monitor O2, CO2, CO, CH4, H2S and H2 (other gases are being added on a regular basis; consult Columbus Instruments with your particular requirements). Up to 80 sample sites may be selected for periodic analysis. The combination of multiple gases and automated sample site selection make Model 180C a versatile gas analyzer for many scientific, commercial and industrial applications. Various sensor types and ranges are available for incorporation within the Model 180C Gas Analyzer system.

Oxygen sensing may be accomplished either electrochemically (5-25%) or paramagnetically (0-100%). Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and other hydrocarbons are monitored with single beam non-dispersive technology over ranges 0-20% (please note: sensing ranges are gas specific; consult Columbus Instruments for details). Hydrogen sulfide is sensed electrochemically over the range 0-200ppm. Hydrogen is sensed over the range 0-2000 or 0-10,000 ppm.

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