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Foot Misplacement Apparatus

Foot Misplacement Apparatus consists of a set of two stainless steel horizontal ladders. The spacing of the rungs on each ladder is different to accommodate both rats and mice. Counting missteps is done automatically by detecting the change of resistance between the ladder and the metal plate. This apparatus allows for measurement of sensorimotor recovery following brain or spinal cord injury. At one end of the ladder, a dark compartment exists to entice the animal to walk toward the perceived "safety" of the dark cover.

Features / Specifications

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Rota Rod Rotamex 5

Rotating rod enhanced with features that assist monitoring and recording animal performance. Up to four animals may be simultaneously tested for their ability to maintain themselves upright on a rotating rod. The operator may select accelerating or constant speed mode of operation as well as a slow speed waiting mode before acceleration takes place. Speed and acceleration rate are programmable. An animal fall is detected by infrared photo-cells which cross the space just above the spindle. Once all the photocells loose sight of the animal, the time is recorded. There are two diameters of easily interchanged rotating rods; one for mice and another for rats. Data generated is in a CSV format to be easily opened by most statistical analysis programs.

Features / Specifications

► Number of Exercise Lanes: 4

► Rotarod Spindle Speed Range: 0 - 99.9 RPM

► Acceleration Increments: 0.1 RPM per second. to 20.0 RPM per second

► Mouse Spindle Dimensions: 3.0 cm x 9.5 cm

► Rat Spindle Dimensions: 7.0 cm x 9.5 cm

► Fall height From Rod center: 44.5 cm

► Unit Dimensions (LxWxH): 61cm X 56cm X 77cm

► Weight 27.5 kg

► Data Recorded: Running duration, Rotarod speed at time of fall, distance traveled

► Animal Detection Method: Scanning infrared beam(32) sensors monitor animals absence from rod assembly.

► Fuse size: 3 amp slow blow

► Communication (optional): RS-232 to RS422(CIBUS) Multi drop. (Max of 64 devices)

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