CLAMS Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System: Oxymax-CLAMS

Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System CLAMS is the premiere system of its kind. Incorporating sub-systems for open circuit calorimetry, activity, body mass, feeding, drinking, food access control, running wheel, urine collection, sleep detection, body core temperature and heart rate in an optional environmental chamber: Oxymax/CLAMS is the one-test solution for simultaneous multi parameter assessment of 1 to 32 test animals.

Oxymax/CLAMS and data collection is performed by an integrated program. The resulting secure data sets can be exported to Comma Separated Value (CSV) files and provide the link between Oxymax/CLAMS and your existing data analysis tools.

Oxymax/CLAMS provides fully automated operation for experiments lasting up to three days. Food and water may be replenished during experiment execution without the need for system restart.

Oxymax software can send an email or sms alert according to certain conditions. Some triggers include low O2, high CO2, air flow issues, an absence of drinking behavior, etc. Contact us for more details

Features / Specifications

Oxymax Calorimetric Assessment - Columbus Instruments Oxymax system is the leading open circuit indirect calorimeter for lab animal research. Heat is derived by assessment of the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide that occurs during the metabolic process. The relationship between the volume of gas consumed (oxygen) and of that produced (carbon dioxide) reveals the energy content of the foodstuff utilized by the subject. This 'calorific value' is then applied to the volume of gases exchanged to compute heat.

Oxymax Sensor Technologies:

Paramagnetic O2 Sensor - Included as standard, measurement range is 0-100% with a response time of 90 seconds per cage.

Zirconia O2 Sensor - Part of the "High Speed Sensing Option", measurement range is 0-100% and when coupled with our dual tube High Speed Gas Dryer, response time is 20 seconds per cage. Multiple High Speed Sensor sets can be connected to the system to allow 2 or more cages to be measured simultaneously.

CLAMS HC Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System for HOME CAGES

CLAMS-HC is a home cage implementation of CLAMS that maintains the features found in our premiere product. CLAMS-HC is designed to be affixed to any standard animal cage and provides an adaptable test environment with snap-in modules to support a broad array of physiological and behavioral monitoring capabilities.

CLAMS-HC provides an alternate housing solution that makes use of standard animal cages that support bedding and maintains the use of established standard animal cage cleaning protocols. CLAMS-HC does not require any modification to your standard animal cage.

Special lid assemblies provide all of the required connections to Columbus Instruments' leading Oxymax open circuit indirect calorimeter as well as all CLAMS-HC sub-systems.

Oxymax software can send an email or sms alert according to certain conditions. Some triggers include low O2, high CO2, air flow issues, an absence of drinking behavior, etc. Contact us for more details.

Features / Specifications

Animal Activity

Feeding and Drinking Monitor

Automated Food and Water Access

Core Body Temperature and Heart Rate by Telemetry

Body Mass Monitor

Wheel Running

Environmental Enclosure

Sleep Analysis

Statistical Software CLAX

CLAMS WC Lab Animal Monitoring System for WASTE CAGES

Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System for Waste Cages (CLAMS-WC) provides the most comprehensive picture of rodent voiding behavior. Systems are built on a semi-custom basis and can include any combination of the features listed below. Systems are easy to expand or upgrade with additional features later. This gives us the flexibility to meet the needs of any budget or any goal.

Features / Specifications

Waste collection with automated weight and event recording

Specimen freezing

Food intake with side-feeder

Automated food access

Drink monitoring with volume and event recording

Indirect calorimetry with Oxymax

Light controlled enclosure

Temperature and light controlled enclosure

Oxymax F.A.S.T.

Oxymax lineup is our Frequent Analysis Sensing Technology. F.A.S.T systems employ a dedicated set of paired oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors for each chamber. Near continuous analysis can be performed in exercise and cyclic hypoxia testing where there's a need to accurately track rapid metabolic dynamics. Unlike systems with a single set of time multiplexed gas sensors, F.A.S.T systems provide timely data that is simultaneously collected from 1 to 8 animal enclosures.

VO2 VCO2 Oxymax Economy

Oxymax EConomy System is an indirect open circuit calorimeter designed to simultaneously measure metabolic performance of multiple subjects that have similar ventilation needs.

The difference in gas concentrations along with flow information is employed to calculate oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, respiratory exchange ratio and heat.

All data provided by the Oxymax Economy is corrected to an STP of 0°C and 760 mmHg.

The Oxymax Economy can be supplied with positive ventilation systems that deliver 100 mL/Min to 10 LPM per subject

Features / Specifications

Simple operation with Experiment Checklist documents proper set-up and execution

Auto-Tracking and Correction of errors caused by changes in the testing environment

Supports 2 to 32 subjects of similar size

Adaptable to a wide range of subject size and testing


Range: 18.9% to 21.2% Resolution: 0.002% O2

Drift: less than 0.25% O2 / 24 Hours


Range:0-100% Resolution: 0.002% of specified range

Drift: less than 0.06% of specified range per 24 Hours

Carbon Dioxide Sensor:

Range: 0%-0.8% Resolution: 0.002% CO2

Drift: (zero) less than 20 ppm CO2 / Hour

Drift: (span) less than 20 ppm CO2 / Hour