ALZET Brain Infusion Kits

The ALZET Brain Infusion Kits are designed specifically for use with ALZET pumps for targeted delivery to the central nervous system. They can be used in two ways:

Infusion into the cerebral ventricles exposes a wide variety of brain regions to the infusate via the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes the brain.

Direct microperfusion of discrete brain structures results in localized distribution of infusate in the target tissue.

Each ALZET Brain Infusion Kit includes materials for 10 brain infusions:

10 Brain Infusion Cannulae

10 Vinyl Catheter Tubes

40 Depth-Adjustment Spacers

1 Instruction Sheet

Note: all materials in the Kits meet US Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI standards for the biocompatibility of medical plastics. Kit materials have been exposed to a sterilizing dose of radiation from a 60Co source.

Specifications and Comparison of Brain Kits

Three brain cannulae designs are available to meet most common CNS applications mice and rats

Specifications and Comparison of Brain Kits