Part #: BSLUPG

Upgrade a Biopac Student Lab BASIC System to an ADVANCED System

Transducer Upgrade Kit includes:


► Airflow Transducer SS11LA, Electrodermal Activity Transducer SS3LA, Pulse Plethysmograph Transducer

SS4LA, Respiratory Effort Transducer SS5LB, Temperature Transducer SS6L, Pushbutton Hand Switch SS10L, Headphones OUT1


► Disposable Bacterial Filters AFT1 (10 pack), Disposable Mouthpieces AFT2 (10 pack), Disposable Noseclips AFT3 (10 pack), Calibration Syringe AFT6A, Electrode Gel GEL100, Surgical Tape TAPE1, Colored Paper PAPER1

This upgrade enables your Biopac Student Lab System to perform 14 of the BSL Laboratory Lessons,, including these nine that require the Advanced system:

► ECG & Pulse

► Respiratory Cycle I

► Electrodermal Response & the Polygraph

► EOG I – Electrooculogram: Eye Movement

► Reaction Time I

► Pulmonary Function I – Volumes & Capacities

► Pulmonary Function II – FEV and MVV

► Biofeedback

► Aerobic Exercise Physiology

Hardware can also be used for BSL PRO Lessons, and student-designed experiments.

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