Any-Maze Accessories

A range of accessories designed to work seamlessly with the ANY-maze software and AMi-2 interfaces.

AMi-2 Radio remote control

AMi-2 Radio remote control datasheet

The AMi-2 Remote control provides a simple and practical way to remotely start tests. It consists of two parts: a receiver, which connects to a USB port on your computer, and the remote control itself, which has two buttons and works through walls and at distances of up to 50 metres.

Radio frequency - works through walls

Line-of-sight range up to 50 metres. Through-wall range 10 metres or more

Two buttons - can independently control tests in two apparatus


The ANY-maze scales allow you to integrate the weighing of animals into your experiments. Based on settings you specify in the protocol, ANY-maze will prompt you to place an animal on the scales before a test; when you do this, it will weigh the animal and record the result. ANY-maze can also optionally calculate an animal's treatment dose based on its weight.

The animal's weight is averaged over a period of a few seconds to allow for the fact that it will probably be moving.

The scales can weigh animals up to 2.2Kg.

The robust design includes integrated overload protection to 22Kg.

The ANY-maze scales are supported in version 6.10 of ANY-maze and above.


The ANY-maze infrared illuminator allows you to track in very low light or even total darkness.

Works with all the cameras and lenses we supply

Works with any camera/lens that does not include an infrared blocking filter

Wall or Ceiling Mounted

Powered by 12V DC Power Supply (included)

AMi-2 Speaker

The AMi-2 speaker can be used to play tones, white-noise or sound files during a test. The speaker requires a sound generating device, such as the AMi-2 Audio interface

Plugs directly into the AMi-2 Audio interface

10W continuous power (20W maximum)

Frequency response 460-20000Hz

Nominal impedance 4ohm


The AMi-2 photobeams detect when an animal breaks an infrared beam and can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as detecting when an animal passes through a door, detecting nose-pokes, detecting how far down a corridor the animal has travelled...

Photobeams plug directly into the AMi-2 Digital interface

Work at up to 150cm separation

Multiple beams can be mounted close together without cross-beam interference

Threaded cases make it simple to mount beams in a 0.3inch (8mm) diameter hole


The AMi-2 Cue lights are perfect for providing visible cues to animals during tests. The lights are water resistant and are available in a variety of colours and sizes (22mm, white shown here).

Cue lights plug directly into the AMi-2 Digital interface

Colours available : Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and White

Sizes available : 22mm, 14mm, 10mm diameter (Blue & white 10mm not available)

Threaded cases make it simple to mount lights in 22mm, 14mm or 10mm diameter holes


The AMi-2 Rotary encoder detects rotations an axle. This can be useful in a variety of situations. For example, if the axle has a running wheel mounted on it, the encoder will detect rotations of the wheel; or, if the axle connects to an animal tether, the encoder will detect rotations of the animal.

Encoder plug directly into the AMi-2 Digital interface

1/4 inch shaft

Angular resolution of 5°

Mounting plate with 0.15 inch holes make it easy to fit to existing cages

The Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument was specifically designed for use with knock-out and transgenic mice. It is our smallest and most economic steretaxic instrument. The Dual Arm Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument can decrease surgery times and help reduce potential time-consuming errors. A second manipulator arm is convenient, if not mandatory, in applications such as dual injections, bilateral cannulations, simultaneous stimulation and recording, etc.

ANY-maze Photobeam array

The ANY-maze photobeam array provide a 'curtain' of photobeams and is often used to detect when an animal rears. It can also be as a movement detector, which can generate reliable movement 'counts' in circumstances in which video tracking can't be used.

Array plugs directly into the AMi-2 Digital interface

Three widths are available, 20cm, 40cm and 100cm

Maximum separation between the emitter and receiver is 50cm

12.5mm (0.5 inch) space between beams

ANY-maze Wired remote control

The ANY-maze wired remote control allows you to start and stop tests at a distance from the computer.

Waterproof, making it ideal for Water Maze starts (and wet hands)

Connects via USB

5.5m (18 foot) cable


The high quality ANY-maze camera mount provides the versatility of wall, ceiling, or drop ceiling mounting.

Standard 1/4-20 UNC screw fits the ANY-maze USB and ANY-maze analogue cameras (and almost all other cameras on the market)

Clips directly to drop ceiling rails

Shaft is 7.5cm (3 inches) long but can be extended to 15cm (6 inches) by using the supplied extension