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Tail-Flick Analgesia Meter

Tail-Flick Analgesia Meter provides an easy to use method in determining pain sensitivity accurately and reproducibly in rats and mice. Tail-flick detection may be done either through use of the on/off foot-switch control or by using the automatic detection circuitry. Activation of an intense light beam to the tail through opening the shutter results in a discomfort at some point when the animal will flick its tail out of the beam

Features / Specifications

► Automatic or manual detection of tail-flick response

► Foot-switch controlled shutter for manual operation

► Front panel LED timer display is accurate to 0.1 second

► Timer Resolution: 0.1 seconds

► Number of lamp intensity settings: 25

► Differentiates between Ambulatory movement vs. Total movement

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Hot-Plate Analgesia Meter

Hot Plate Analgesia Meter is designed for rapid and efficient screening of analgesia levels in small laboratory animals. When placed on the hot surface of the plate, animals will lift their paws and lick them (paw-lick response) due to attainment of pain threshold.

Multi-Varimex allows for user placement of up to 128 infrared photo-cell emitter/detector pairs.

Photocell placement may be such that many cages can be monitored by a single computerized system.

The freedom to place photocells as required also allows for monitoring complex maze environments.

Placement of photocells at key points in a maze provides segmentation of the monitored space that automates scoring of behavior.

Multi-Varimex can be equipped with software for open-field and/or maze monitoring.

Features / Specifications

► Surface Temperature Range: 30°C to 79.9°C precisely controlled to within 0.25°C across the plate

► Built-in Digital Thermometer

► Built-in Digital Timer

► RS-232 transfer of data

► Start/Stop foot switch control

► Extra thick (3/4") anodized aluminum plate provides a very stable and even temperature

► Size of Heated Surface: 10" x 10" x 0.75" (254mm x 254mm x 19mm)

► Temperature Range: 30° to 79.9° centigrade

► Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C

► Surface material: Hard Black Anodized Aluminum

► Accuracy of Timer: 0.1 seconds

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