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1. Opto M4 is multi-channel activity monitor

2. TheOpto M4 is a compatible instrument to incorporate multiple measurement parameters such as feeding mass/bouts, drinking volume, VO2 and VCO2, etc.

3. A. Opto-M4 Economical XYZ Open Field Systems
B. Opto-M4 System Monitor for XZ Axis for Typical Home Cage
C. Opto-M4 System Monitor for X Axis-Only in Typical Home Cage

Features / Specifications

► Differentiates between Ambulatory movement vs. Total movement

► Rat Sensor Beam Spacing: 1" (2.54cm); available lengths are 8" (20.32cm), 12" (30.48cm) & 16" (40.64cm)

► Mouse Sensor Beam Spacing: 0.5" (1.27cm); available lengths are 4" (10.16cm) & 8" (20.32cm)

► MDI Software compatible

► Beam Diameter: 0.125" (.32cm)

► Beam Scan Rate: 160 Hz

► Sensors can be re-arranged to allow for wider flexibility. A feature unique to Opto M4 system is the ability to re-arrange the sensor sets to cover more cages with fewer axes of measurement, or fewer cages with measurement in more axes per cage.

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Multi-Varimex is line of infrared photocell-based activity monitors.

Multi-Varimex allows for user placement of up to 128 infrared photo-cell emitter/detector pairs.

Photocell placement may be such that many cages can be monitored by a single computerized system.

The freedom to place photocells as required also allows for monitoring complex maze environments.

Placement of photocells at key points in a maze provides segmentation of the monitored space that automates scoring of behavior.

Multi-Varimex can be equipped with software for open-field and/or maze monitoring.

Features / Specifications

► User-defined infrared photocell placement

► Support for up to 128 infrared photocells

► Ideal for Maze monitoring

► Economical solution for cage racks

► Comes complete with PC interface & software for general activity monitoring (Activity)

► Optional software available for maze monitoring (Activity, Zones, Latency, and "Null" zones)

► Creates spreadsheet 'importable' data files

► Emitter/Detector distances up to 36"

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Opto-Varimex-5 Auto-Track

Opto-Varimex-5 Auto Track System is a activity meter designed for the Open Field Anxiety and Exploratory Tests.The Opto-Varimex-5 also can be adapted to perform automated measurements for other tests such as the Contextual Place Preference Test, Hole Poke Exploratory Test, and Light/Dark Transition Test.Systems can support up to 16 stations on a single PC and come complete with cages, sensors, brackets, interface, and Windows software. The Auto-Track System senses motion with a grid of infrared photocells placed around the arena. Vertical motion is detected by a second array of photocells placed above the animal.

Features / Specifications

► Distance Traveled (cm)

► Resting Time (sec)

► Stereotypic Time (sec)

► Ambulatory Time (sec)

► Bursts of Stereotypic Movement

► Horizontal Beam Break Counts

► Ambulatory Beam Break Counts

► Vertical Counts

► Bursts of Vertical Movement

► Time in Square Analysis

► Raw Data Storage (GLP compliant)

► Real Time Monitoring

► Validation Protocols

► Staggered Start

► Re-Analysis of Data

► 16 beams per axis

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Hole Poke Activity Meter

A special adaptation of the Opto Max Activity Monitor gives the ability to quantitatively measure exploratory behavior. The typical configuration consists of a hole poke board with nine (9) to sixteen (16) holes lying over horizontal X and Y axis sensors. Data collected includes frequency and duration of each "nose poke" as well as positional and ambulatory data (distance traveled, zone entries, ambulatory vs. total movement, etc.).

Features / Specifications

► Each sensor pair equipped with 16 IR beams, 1" (25.4 mm) apart provide high resolution for differentiation between ambulatory and non-ambulatory movements for both rats and mice.

► Economical! Each single pair of sensors can monitor 1 cage with 16 IR beams or 2 smaller cages with 8 IR beams.

► Ability to monitor small, as well as large, animal cages (up to 1 m x 1 m).

► Sensors can be positioned side by side for creating longer sensors (32 or 48 IR beams), one above another to separately measure horizontal and vertical activity or in X-Y configuration.

► RS-232 communication with computer provides convenient interface to computer. Software computes animal activity and animal position within the cage.

► Each sensor functions as both emitter and receiver.

► Each sensor is equipped with its own microcomputer for scanning IR beams and communication with computer.

► Double modulation of IR beams and use of infrared filters provide high sensitivity and immunity to ambient light interference.

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