BSL System with MP36 and hardware for 18 guided lessons plus 22 dynamic lessons and student-designed experiments. The Biopac Student Lab ULTIMATE system provides the ultimate teaching solution and enables students to perform 18 Biopac Student Lab Guided Lessons, found in the BSL Laboratory Manual, and includes BSL PRO functionality for BSL PRO Lessons, advanced student projects, research, and to create or use additional lessons.
The ULTIMATE system includes all the features and functionality of the ADVANCED system, plus all of our most frequently used transducers and a human-safe stimulator. This system is ideal for multi-disciplinary labs where a number of different courses share the same lab equipment. The ULTIMATE System includes transducers suitable for human subjects.

The Biopac Student Lab Ultimate System Includes:

► MP36 Data Acquisition Unit with USB Cable, DC Adapter (110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz) & Cord (US or Euro)

► BSL 4 Software (Lessons and PRO)

► MANBSL4 BSL 4 Laboratory Manual (English) – includes introductory physiology text, guided procedure, and data analysis for BSL Lessons L01-L20

► Searchable PDF Manuals and Tutorials (BSL PRO, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key, etc.)

► SS2LB Shielded Lead Set x2

► SS29L Multi-lead ECG Cable

► EL503 Disposable vinyl electrodes (100/pk)

► ELPAD Electrode Abrading Pads (10/pk)

► GEL1 Electrode Gel (57 g tube)

► SS57LA EDA w/Electrode Pinch Leads

► EL507 EDA Disposable Isotonic Gel. Electrodes (100/pk)

► STMHUM Human-Safe Stimulator 0-100 V

► SS10L Push-button Hand Switch

► SS11LB Factory-calibrated Medium Airflow Transducer

► AFT36 Disposable Filtered Mouthpiece (10/pk)

► AFT3 Disposable Noseclips (10/pk)

► SS13L Pressure Transducer

► SS19LB Blood Pressure Cuff Transducer (on-screen gauge)

► SS30L Stethoscope

► OUT1A Headphones

► SS61L Finger Twitch Transducer

► SS25LB Hand Dynamometer

► SS4LA Photoplethysmogram (Pulse) Transducer

► SS5LB Respiratory Effort Transducer

► SS6L Fast Response Temperature Transducer

► PAPER1 Colored paper for Visual Stim (9 pk)

► TAPE1 Single-sided Adhesive Tape

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