BSL System with MP36 and hardware for 13 guided lessons plus 16 dynamic lessons and student-designed BME experiments. The BSL Biomedical Engineering System provides extensive recording and analysis options for signal processing curriculum, including bioelectric and biomechanical studies. The data acquisition unit includes four universal, software-programmable amplifiers that can record biopotential and transducer signals. The BSL hardware/software combination creates a virtual instrument that can be tailored for a wide range of measurements with analysis tools for digital filtering, integration, differentiation, FFT, convolution, correlation, and a host of signal processing options. The Breadboard allows students to build and test real circuits and then use the software to compare real results to simulation. Collect, display and investigate data with the BSL System, or use it to direct data to industry-standard applications like MatLab or LabVIEW.

The BSL Biomedical Engineering system comes with the following:

► BSL 4 Software (Lessons and PRO)

► BSL Laboratory Manual MANBSL4

► Searchable PDF Manuals and Tutorials (BSL PRO, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key, etc.)

► MP36 Data Acquisition Unit with USB Cable, DC Adapter (110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz) & Cord (US or Euro)

► 2 x Electrode Lead Sets – SS2LB

► Disposable Electrodes (100/pk) – EL503

► Abrasive Pads (10/pk) – ELPAD

► Hand Dynamometer – SS25LB

► BP Cuff Transducer – SS19LB

► Electronic Stethoscope Transducer – SS30L

► Air Flow Transducer, factory-calibrated – SS11LB

► Disposable Filtered Mouthpieces (10/pk) – AFT36

► Disposable Noseclips (10/pk) – AFT3

► Hand Switch – SS10L

► Headphones – OUT1A

► Pulse Transducer – SS4LA

► Signal Processing Breadboard Kit – SS39L• Breadboard Accessories – BSL-BMEACC

► SS2L to breadboard interface – TCI22

► Electronic Breadboard Probe – SS60L

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