BSL System with MP36 and hardware for 11 guided lessons plus 14 dynamic lessons and student-designed Human Physiology experiments. Use the power of the BSL Human Physiology Teaching System to conduct the most widely studied responses in physiology teaching labs. Lessons target the circulatory system, respiratory system, muscular function, brain function, ANS, exercise physiology and neuronal physiology. Dynamic experiments with students as subjects increase interest and retention. Promote student inquiry with advanced options or develop user-defined lessons and research projects. Perform analysis online or off; sophisticated algorithms provide beat-by-beat analysis of the primary physiological signals.

The BSL Human Physiology system comes with the following:

► BSL 4 Software (Lessons and PRO)

► Searchable PDF Manuals and Tutorials (BSL PRO, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key, etc.)

► BSL Laboratory Manual MANBSL4

► MP36 Data Acquisition Unit (USB) with DC Adapter (110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz) & Cord (US or Euro)

► 2 x Electrode Lead Sets – SS2LB

► Disposable Electrodes (100/pk) – EL503

► Abrasive Pads (10/pk) – ELPAD

► Hand Dynamometer – SS25LB

► BP Cuff Transducer – SS19LB

► Electronic Stethoscope Transducer – SS30L

► Air Flow Transducer, factory-calibrated – SS11LB

► Disposable Filtered Mouthpieces (10/pk) – AFT36

► Disposable Noseclips (10/pk) – AFT3

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